Hello friends

i saw mr.Frank Fords website posts and got made

is he a human or a robert doing this job. cant believe how can he make the difficult things so easy.

hats off to u mr. ford and keep up the good work.

sir since many days i have a desire to make classical tuning pegs for own purpose and if it goes well can go for production too. i tried many sources for its parts and getting it difficult.

but i have a gear making workshop in my nearby area . i will soon visit it.

i will be happy if u try making one and post on ur website its video or picture tutorial . 

and it will be usefull for many people.

god bless u (Y) 

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I did a technical drawing of old Klusons thinking I'd make some in my machine shop class. I got hung up (along with my instructor) in turning the worm gear and getting the lash correct. The metal knobs were another story. I gave up as not worth the trouble and not for the newbie mill/lathe user.

There are already enough high quality, affordable tuning machines on the market to ask Frank to undertake such a major project. There is also an overabundance of cheaply made machines available.

This site is geared toward repair & restoration, not full blown manufacturing.  Also not in your favor is the world's view that India is not a "precision manufacturing stronghold".  Like Japan in the '60's, Korea in the '70's and China in the '80's, it's got a long way to go before it's MI goods can be taken seriously.

The only encouragement and advice I can provide is to have that machine shop reverse engineer a quality set of tuners.... like a set of Rodgers.  Unless you have an idea for a groundbreaking improvement to what's currently available, there's really no demand or need for 'another' set of keys.

Also, a set of HQ commercially available classical machines will cost about $200 USD.  The same set, copied & made by a machine shop using the correct alloys and methods, will cost about $1500-$2000 USD. 

You'll have to do your own work on this one, rahoul. But, good luck :) A triple college major in Metallurgy, Industrial Design and Marketing would be a good start.

Hello friends

thanks for ur consultation. i respect ur advice. but as u know curiosity is curiosity.

it doesnt have medicine. lets see where i go from now.

will update soon about my work. 

i appreciate ur honest advice


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