Maple Cutoffs Source Needed - Nashville Bridge Bushing Puller?

I have a 1968 Les Paul Custom in the shop with an aftermarket Nashville bridge. The owner wants me to pull the Nashville studs and replace them with ABR posts.  I'll need to plug the stud holes but the only maple I have on hand are bridge plate blanks.  Any suggestions as to where I can get come maple cutoffs showing a variety of figures from plain to flamed?  I want to match the current guitar and think ahead to future repairs.

While I'm at it...what do you use to pull bushings?  I've tried putting a 1/2" long cylindrical piece of steel down the bushing hole and then tightening the stud. The bushing came out about 1/4" but won't budge further.

Mucho gracias!

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That's my concern too...the finish lifting.  I guess I could faux too.

I like the drawing.  I made a donut with 1/4" cork and a 1mm sheet of plastic. Epoxied one onto the other. I think your idea would have better protected the guitar. The only downside I can forsee is using it in a tight spot.

The dimensions are only a suggestion.  Tailor the size to fit the job. It could be X shaped (or oval or round or even shaped like Texas) too to allow clearance around posts & studs. I'm going to make several shapes & sizes.

The primary objective is to spread the downward pressure over a much larger area to prevent surface compression (indentations).

I bet it's gonna turn out great :)

Luke Single at Chesepeake Guitar Works was kind enough to send me a small block of maple...thanks Luke! 

I ordered 3 different plug cutters - one at a time - and finally got one that cut an accurate 7/16" plug (Fuller, +.010). The others were up to +.050 - too large to hammer in. I tried sanding but ended up with a semi-round plug.

So, here's some shots of the finished repair. Not terribly happy with the faux painting - I only have dyes for tinting laquer - I think I should have used pigments to opaque the line around the plug and the tear-out. You ay remember that one of the tailpiece studs broke off. These are Pigtail vintage studs. Very nice! I found out the hard way that "Vintage" doesn't mean vintage specs...could very well mean "Historic." Always ask, I guess.

Thanks to everyone for their advice on leverage, tearout, plugs, etc!

The tape-up is for air-brushing a touch-up where I filled an extra strap button hole.


Given what you were up against, I consider your work a total success. It looks fine. We are ALWAYS our own worse critics. That's a good thing as it advances our skill levels.

Besides, no one will notice as they'll be distracted by the awful condition of the stop tailpiece. 

All in all, good job, buddy :)

Thanks, Paul!

Nice save Robbie. Finish touchups are my least favorite and most time consuming repairs, and I'm never totally satisfied with the results. As Paul says "it advances our skill levels", and I whole heartedly concur.

Thanks, Eric. What do you think about using pigment to opaque areas I need to cover?

That could work. I'd probably try using the air brush and applying several thin shader coats to those spots. It will at the least tone them down. Too much pigment will cause the spots to stand out so use restraint.


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