I have a guitar that was found during the cleanup of a house fire.

The top is way out of shape and I believe I want to take it off to straighten it out.

What kind of glue would they have used for this fretboard to the body of the guitar?

Also the neck is listed as mortis and tenon however I am not seeing any bolts this makes me think its a dove tail, can anyone confirm the joint type here?

Photo's of this guitar show a flat back but the back (now removed) is dished. How would one go about flattening this?

This guitar is in very bad shape and I hope too get it playable again.

Thanks for taking the time to offer me any advise.

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I agree with Paul and the rest of the fellows.You are attempting to repair a guitar that wasn't worth repairing when it was new and in the best of shape.With that said,I am a Libra and with all our faults we are extremly hardheaded and love a challenge.My advice is jump on in there sir enjoy yourself.You will learn much from your experience I gaurentee it.Good luck with your project heres hoping you succeed in your endeavor.Regards Lonnie

I was looking for the "Like" button on this post. Thanks

Hi Jeff;I will be watching your progress on this project.So please keep  us updated as you go along.If the back and top were solid a simple soaking and a hot flat iron would flatten them out.You would have to re-glue them as they would probably be bookmatched.Thats not the case however.I have a counter top guitar because i was able to buy it for almost nothing.Sounds pretty good too with regular tension strings on it.Put strong tension strings on it and you can forget it.Those powerfull strings just made it sound awfull tinny.So keep lesser tension strings on it when you get it completed.Good luck to you my friend.Best regards,Lonnie


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