I recently accepted a damaged D15 in partial payment for work done on a 40's is very well damaged....

I noticed that where the PO had done some sanding that the finish is what appears to be 2-stage

The base looks to be yellow-brown followed with a darker brown-mix.

Does anyone have any idea what the basecoat color is for the Martin Mahagany it is what gives the golden accent to the mahogany finish.

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Just to clarify....I don't KNOW that what seems to be a basecoat is in fact a basecoat or that it gives that golden hue to the finish...just my initial thought when I was examining it.



Possibly.....   I have some mahogany I can try it on...I do think it is being used as a primer also. So maybe tinted schellac or another tinted primer..

While trying to replicate what Martin does...they are most likely going to do something that is very time conserving. But I am considering the shellac if I can't find any info.

Thanks.....I appreciate it.


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