I benefited from the extensive comments to my first post (q.v.).  Since then I have finished one 12-fret 000 and am well on the way with a 12-fret dreadnaught, both with torrified tops. 

It's too soon to talk about tone or volume or balance, but I made one discovery which I thought I should pass on: it sands amazingly fast.  I use a Milwaukee orbital sander for removing plane marks and to get close to final thickness. Making two 60 grit side-to-side passes over the whole top filled the little vacuum bag and took me down from .12 to .11.  Two more and I was down to .10   That's more than five times faster than with normal spruce.

The color with a tru-oil finish (6 coats) looks like my 1956 Martin, more or less.

I'll let you know what happens next.     


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That's something to remember for the future if I were to ever try to refinish one.


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