I am going to replace the pickguard on my D-18GE with a tortis one
and I have read some "how to" articles all of which recommend the
use of naphtha at some point or another in the process.
I just want to make sure that I use the equivalent Swedish product
so my question is if naphta is the same as white spirit?

Cheers, Johan

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according to wikipedia what we in the UK call White Spirit ISN'T Naptha, but I can't find anywhere that it actually says what these two chemicals ARE.
Isn't naptha the same as lighter fluid?
Apparently in Sweden it's called naptha, but unsure if it's the same stuff as what we call naptha in the US

White Spirit:
That was some document!!

It confirms what I have managed to find out, namely that what we call (lack-)nafta is what
you call White Spirit in the US. But is it also the equivalent of Naphtha ??

I could simply go to a paint store and ask for something that will clean glue residue without dissolving
cellulose lacquer, but it would be nice to once and for all establish what Naphtha is. There was recently
a disscusion on a Swedish guitar forum about this without any certain conclusion.

Well, I'll keep digging - Johan
Naptha will not act as a solvent on nitro-cellulose lacquer. Since it is not as volatile (fast evaporating) a solvent as mineral spirits, I like to use it when thinning oil base enamels or varnishes for spraying.
Naptha is not white spirit last time Iooked - commercially naptha goes under the name of 'Shellite" down here, but if you want to be safe go to your local tobbacconist and buy a tin of Zippo lighter fluid which is naptha. Rusty.
Second to my last. - I was just musing through my info on Naptha and referenced the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for this product. Bottom line is that if it contains Benzine (which it does) it is a bad thing - carcinogenic - when beathed in or absorbed through the skin.

Now, I'm still standing after using this stuff liberally for many years and my mate who has used a Zippo for most of his 50 years is likewize still standing but I'm about to glove up and mask when using this product - even though my shop is well ventillated - no need to be careless here. I also understand it is now a banned substance in some parts of the U.S. and no longer available to the public in commerical quantities. MSDS info is available, where applicable, through Wikipedia for all you web savvy dudes. Rusty.
I can't answer your question about the chemical makeup of naptha. I agree with the guy who said it was the same as lighter fluid. That is what I've always understood it to be. My background in the auto body repair and painting business often leads me to some different products than the normal luthier. I use an automotive "wax & grease remover" product. This product is designed for removing wax and silicon from an old finish without disturbing the lacquer or most any commercial finish. This is a good product to use for cleaning the area under the pickguard. Just another idea to consider. You may be able to find this product at an auto body and paint supply store. It is strong enough to remove the glue residue without harming the finish.
Ronnie Nichols
Naphtha is not White Spirit, I can use Zippo lighter fluid (which is Naphtha) and certain
automotive "wax & grease removers" can also be used.

Thanks for taking an interest and for your suggestions.

I've used white spirit no probs-on a MARTIN!
WD40 also works.
Wiki identifyes Naphtha "in white spirit or Coleman fuel"

according to this table
the swedish (non hazardous) equivalent of naphtha is "ren bensin"
I have always thought of being paint thinner. I go to the oil co the get parts cleaner and they call it cleaning solvent .

Robro ROn


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