Hi All,

 I've had a few neck re-sets through the workshop recently (lucky me). I always take a photo of the join once it's apart in case I do one the same again. It's handy to know what angle/depth to drill the streaming holes.

Does anyone else do this?

Is it possible to have a gallery page on this forum to show them all? - might be a useful resource for us.

Just a thought


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Haha thanks John. Dave good suggestion. Please keep them coming. After running into this a couple of times I'm starting to consider turning away Gibson resets in general. In the meantime I've got to find a solution to this bad boy.
I posted about this guitar a few months back, so this will serve as a sort of update. This is a G&L acoustic. One of the posters in my other thread said that Tacoma made about 200 of these for G&L, but only about ten or twelve were ever sold. This one took a fall, and the truss rod popped out of its housing and jammed that way, pushing the upper transverse brace loose in the process. The truss rod was hanging down, preventing the brace from fitting back into place, so I had to take the neck off in order to fix the rod and glue the brace. It was a bolt on neck, but there was glue present as well, so I had to steam it.

Here's one that surprised me.  It's a Vega Odell arch top guitar.  It had an unusual mortise and tendon type of neck joint.

2 more..



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