I need to remove a neck.Im aware of the procedure.Have a neck reset video( stew-mac) and Ive seen Frank Ford on is probably the only one I'll do for along time so I can't see buying the neck removal jig from stew mac.I've been thinking of building one but before I get to elabrate with my own plan for building it,I decided to throw this out there maybe someone might have built one? If you''ve built one or might have some input I would greatly appreciate it .Thanks Rich,

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A jig or clamp setup is handy, but not necessary for most jobs. I stopped using my StewMac jig because it makes it so hard to keep the inside dry and clean. I will sometimes clamp the body to a bench with spacers underneath and use a machinists jack to push up on the heel.
Using a j jack now thats a differnt approach, I like it. Thanks for the tip.


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