Is anybody familiar with the neck joint that Carlo Greco used on his flat top acoustics?

I can post up a couple pictures tomorrow too.  

I haven't been able to find the gap between the neck and block, as in a dovetail joint.

The headblock is also extra thick, I'm wondering if it's a mortise and tenon.

Thanks for any help.


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we'll also need a birth certificate and x-rays to even "remotely"be able to help....I do like the x-ray idea though...can a heating blanket be converted to use as an x-ray device ?

I was hoping somebody here had done a reset on one of Carlo's flattops before.

I wish he had a website, or any contact info out there.

Try this. (2005).  If he's not around, maybe the shop will know.  He was a major figure in Guild guitars before they left the East coast according to several of the bio's turned up on Google.

Also, see:  Greco apparently retired from building in 2011 at 85.  There's even a contact listed with a Greco web site:

There's a Guild book that mentions Greco.

Google is your friend.  Search "Carlo Greco guitar maker."



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