A friend of the family brought me a 'Catania' mandolin by Alfredo Albertini, no.611.


It has loose bracing, some ... subtle topcracks, a very bad neck angle, and at some point it was dropped on its tail.


The sound board had smashed upward at the tailpeice; the sound board and binding were mis-aligned at the breakpoint (0049.jpg) so I installed custom expansion clamp (0052.jpg) to press against the neck block and tail block. I am hoping that this plus topcrack repair and brace re-gluing will improve the neck angle, and I feel that it will, but I think that I won't be able to get away with the 'band-aid' neck angle solution of lowering the string action.


(0047.jpg) How do I take this neck off? Loosen the fingerboard extension and inject steam into the dovetail through a hole in a fretslot...... ummm those frets are smaller than my stewmac issue cappuccino needle. Repair the hole with ebony dust and cyano.... ok..... (0047.jpg) How do I deal with that?


I would appreciate any advice!!! I read something about a fingerboard ramp... it made me think of a tapered fillet glued between the neck and the fingerboard to "correct" the neck angle (and change the dimensions of the neck.... 


any advice please





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Chances are against you finding a dovetail joint. It is most likely a one piece neck with the body end made into a cone shape. The ribs and top would be glued directly to it.

Here a picture of one with the top off that I spent way to much time on a few years ago.

You will need to remove all or part of the finger board to know for sure what you have, there are several other possible neck connections. Once you find out what's in there, the course of action may become self evident.
I definitely wouldn't attempt a neck reset .Very complex IMO.Looks like a smash end to end of some kind.Nice lookin'.
Good luck..
It's probably hide glued so if you could cleanly get the fret board off you'd have a good chance of a better fix.
I bet Frank's got ideas.
I wish had seen Paul's pic before I wasted your time.Fine documents Paul.
What's the scale length!
Well I'm not going to do a re-set if its attached like that!! Paul thanks for that picture!! Very illuminating.

Tim the scale is approx 13-1/16".

Here's a question: what do you all think of a tapered rosewood fillet glued between the neck and fingerboard to correct the neck angle?
The finger board extension on these things is more cosmetic than structural. Adding a wedge under it will have a slim chance of forcing the neck back to the correct angle.
A wedge under the fingerboard is exactly what you should do; it's the only cost-effective method.
Greg is right, I misunderstood and though you meant wedging the extension to jack the neck back.
Fillet added between the fingerboard and neck, fingerboard leveled, fret work, saddle work, cracks repaired, braces reglued, inlay re-installed, restrung and set-up.

Paul, that structural picture really helped me out man, thanks again!!

This is a cutie. Nice work!
The mandolin looks great Sean, nice work. I'm glad the picture I posted helped you find a direction, well done.


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