We run a small guitar building business, where we sometimes, export guitars to the US, it has gone fine a couple of times, but this time the guitar was send back with a missing Lacey Act form,  A lot of this form I can fill out but having problems with I can't fill out the form I have on way of knowing what shipping container the guitar will end up in, and my shipping agent is unwilling to help me with anything.. 

The link for the HTSUS numbers I can't get access to maybe only US citizens can get this ? 

Manufacturer Identification Code I got no idea..

Value of the wood in US where do I find this? 

Entry number I can't know.. 

The Guitar is build with CITES Wood Indian rosewood, fretboard but we got the papers from the danish government they should be ok.

Anybody willing to help me I am at the end of my end of my rope 

Please Please help!

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Greetings Claus, I feel your pain.  Can't give specific help, since international shipping has become such a risk, we don't ship guitars with protected woods.   If you search this phrase you'll get an overview that may help (I couldn't copy/paste the link):

cites shipping information reverb  

Good luck



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