Need to see inside a archtop? Inexpensive endoscope camera...

I have several archtops...some 50's models and I wanted to take a look inside,,,,just because....without breaking the bank on a camera...

So I bought this endoscope with 16 foot lead, waterproof, led lit...for $12 shipped off of Amazon....not expecting much...but it works GREAT!

Comes with a CD to upload the drivers into your PC, just plug the cord into your USB port and you have a full screen view, plus can take a snapshot or "capture"..

Self focusing...I will add a 'foot' to it to hold it in level position when laid on the inside bottom of guitar...but very easy to use and it works!

Pictures are of new Loar 302T archtop I recently purchased and used to test this endoscope out...

Just wanted to pass this along to those that dont use one daily...but would like to have one


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 For guitar work, or similar...I taped a flexible shaft onto mine just behind the camera those cheap deals you can use to grab a lost bolt...though even a coat hanger would work...But i may change that to just a 'foot' to lay the camera on the bottom of the guitar and keep it oriented in a horizontal level plane...or use both as needed.

For a longer reach, like in a wall....a electricians fish wire would work in the same way

Thanks for that Glen. I made up a wire holder with a couple of short legs to keep it upright. It works OK on a guitar but on a small sound hole mandolin the 10 mm diameter lens makes the whole thing too big. The smallest I've seen so far is 5.5 mm diameter. I might get one of them.


I have one of these I bought off of eBay for $4 including shipping. I marked the lens body with a white line to locate top center and created a few holders. I think they come in a couple of resolutions. I'd make sure to get the high def.


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