First I want to say as a long term lurker I have learned alot here and want to thank all of those that make this forum such a great learning tool for us DIY types.

I have around 30 guitars, 10 or so wall hangers and projects, that now being retired, I want to finally get in shape. Yes, I have GAS and love all guitars from the 1960 ES345 I recently sold, to this lowly Decca 12 string that needs work. It has hung on my music room wall for 12 years, time to make it a player.

Neck reset, has anyone done one of these? I notice it has a bolt and bracket through a top brace just above the soundhole and wonder what it's function is. There is truss rod access at the headstock. The Decca has had it's neck off before as sloppy glue joints show. I don't think this bolt works as a bolt on neck as it is so high up on the neck heel. but it could I second bolt anywhere.

While it is a cheap guitar, other than the neck set, the rest is pretty pristine so before I dive in on the reset I would appreciate any advice from someone who has taken one of these apart before.



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Answered my own questions last night when taking it apart...

Strap button is a long wood screw going into the neck block, mine is broken off, so will pull the neck and straighten everything out..

Good luck with it Glen, and welcome to the forum.  Once you get it apart you could add some pictures to the neck reset gallery to help the next guy or gal who gets one of these on their bench. 




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