I was recently given an old harmony arch top. i know there is not a lot of value in this but i like the way it sounds and would like to get it back to playable condition. the neck has a bad bow in it and although it has a truss rod it is not adjusable. is there anyway to correct this?

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Without seeing the instrument, this is probably what I would do.

1. Remove fingerboard, straighten the neck as needed, then rout a slot for a carbon graphite reinforcement. I wouldn't install an adjustable truss just because it originally didn't have one. This will require removing the neck from the guitar.

2. Repair the cracks

3. Leave the finish as is.

You are going to have more work into the guitar than the thing is worth, but if you like the guitar and plan on keeping it, it's probably worth it.

I just picked up a h1215 also. It's pretty beat up, seam seperation loose fretboard, missing saddle, bridge, nut, rest and tuners. It's checked and chipped first thing I did when I got it home was shake dried leaves out of the F-holes. But my neck is straight as it came in 65'. Looking forward to getting it playable.
If you are going to bother put in a adjustable truss rod.

I have used the steel strapping used for banding and put in on edge and it helps. I use a aluminum tube and 2 straps on each side on some 8 string resophonic guitars I have made.

You can get 3/8 or.1/2 or 5/8 sizes.

Old Dano's and Silvertones had one or two steel slat shaped things holding them together and lots of them are still pretty straight....grphite is cool, and stronger and lighter than steel....Redid and old Dobro with graphite 15 years ago and it still rules!
thanks jim.
thats kind of the way i was thinking but some times ya just have to say it out loud to be sure.
sounds like a bit of a project but i guess no more so then mine. keep me posted i would like to see how it turns out.


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