Could any of you fine luthiers out there possibly post a guide to the frequency response parameters of the following four nut materials.........Tusq, bone, brass & aluminium, (if there is such information available).

I am aware of the "drop" test but was hoping I might find something a little more scientific and a little bit more specific to the actual range of frequencies, cut off points etc., that each material possesses.

I have searched online, but the only information seems to relate to the old ("Tusq v Bone" which is best)? debate. 


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I must have a really bad sense of smell, bone don't bother me at all. Black buffalo horn is another matter, very smelly stuff indeed. I read somewhere that psychopaths have a bad sense of smell, I hope I'm not one of them...

I too like working with bone, except that it reminds me that I 'm overdue for a visit to the dentist.


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