Japanese built in 1969 originally had 'Sheltone' on headstock.
I believe its a Kawai Tele-star, but could be a selmer?

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here  are  the  pics


Nick, this is a 'jobber' guitar. A company would just order (like) 1000 of a particular type of guitar, put their own brand name on the headstock (that could either happen at the factory itself, or on American shores) and be sold.

In try to remember my '60s/70s guitar, I think this may have been made at the  Kawai  factory. The wiki here is pretty sparse on info, and does not even mention the guitar factory....

Kawai Teisco

Kawai Teisco was founded by Atswo Kaneko and Doryu Matsuda. The company also produced the popular Ibanez badge in the 1960's. Kawai Teisco made their own house brands Kawai, Teisco, Del Rey and Teisco Del Rey. Badged guitars produced by the Kawai Teisco factories include Apollo, Aquarius, Arbiter, Atlas, Audition, Avar, Ayar, Barth, Beltone, Black Jack, Cipher, Concert, Cougar, Crown, Daimaru, Decca, Diasonic, Domino, Duke, Emperador, Heit Deluxe, Hy-Lo, Holiday, Imperial, Inter-Mark Cipher, Jedson, Kay, Kent, Kimberly, Kingsley, Kingston, Keefy, Lindell, Marquis, May Queen, Minister, Noble, Prestige, Randall, Recco, Regina, Rexina, Sakai, Satellite, Schaffer, Sekova, Silvertone, Sorrento, Sterling, Swinger, Tele Star, Top Twenty, Victoria, and Winston. Possible badged guitars made by the company include: Astrotone, Demian, G-Holiday, Lafayette, Master, Orange, Tamaki and Trump.

Thanks Kerry I too have a guitar looks almost the same as that one but not exact. Although mine has no markings of any kind inside or out i was able find one on the internet it's a Kent. A very nicely made easy to play guitar.Classy Rosewood fretboard. I have a couple of Gretsch filtertrons to put on it cause the electronics suck on it. His guitar looks to have better pickups then mine.

great answer kerry thanks

Kent is, on a lot of guitars, also only a 'jobber' label too Lonnie and Nick.  Nick, did you get the info that you needed?

hi kerry.

yes, i think you have given me all the information i was missing , thanks.

the guitar is actually a friends so i have passed your messages on to him.  nick

Nice one Kerry,  Thanks very much.

I will put this list up on the wall to help field the regular "I just go a guitar..I'm not sure who made it it valuable etc" questions that take some time out of my life that I will never get back!  Rusty.


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