Hey all

im working on an old Kay electric ,it features and unusual pickup cover that  ive made a copy of with some modification so the pickup can be adjustable . i'm using an old tele front pick up  the guitar didn't come with a pickup and several other parts ,,anyway  that isn't the problem ,, problem is I'm having a heck of a time trying to find celluloid looking pickgaurd material that's appropriate for the kays distinct look ,,( i'm including  pictures so you will have in idea what im talking about ) i'm also replacing some binding on the neck players side  also hard  to find and i've looked ,bought and said nahhh

anywow any leads, ideas guesses !! gnzndyvlgfaozmniexb1.jpg jscbzx3zovlcy5m9hy6j.jpgcrmxkzcufbx55grmw40i.jpg

these are pics are of the same model im working on

not the actual guitar im working on

its a cool instrument 

  this is the one im working on

old%20kay%201.jpg                                                         Thanks


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eBay is a good source of Chinese celluloid pickguard blanks. Warmoth has beautiful celluloid sourced from Mazzucchelli, but I don't know if they sell blanks.

Did you look at the stuff Pickguardian offers?

thanks for the reply's so far


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