I'm contemplating buying the Luthiers friend sanding station from StuMac, and I wondered if anybody here uses one, and if they're as good as they look on StuMacs website.
It's not cheap, but much cheaper than a thickness sander, which I would dearly love to buy if I had the money.
I would want to use it for thicknessing fingerboards, bridges and saddles. I've been getting away with doing bridges and saddles on my belt sander up until now, but the ability to be able to thickness sand them precisely would obviously be better. And I can't do fingerboards at all on the belt sander very well, as it's quite small, and the belt is too short.
Does StuMacs tool work accurately, and would it work on a smaller drill press which only measures 4.5" between the spindle and the column? And how long do the abrasive sleeves last? The reason I ask about them is because I live in Germany, and the abrasive sleeves available here are metric, whereas StuMacs ones are in inches, so they probably wont fit. So I'm wondering how many replacment abrasive sleeves I should order to be able to work for a while before I have to order replacments from StuMac.
 I've been trying for quite a while to find something comparable in Europe, as the costs incurred ordering it in America are very high, with import duty and sales tax etc. I haven't had any success up until now so I'm thinking about biting the bullet and ordering it from StuMac.
Any thoughts and opinions would be welcome

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I have one. Works very well. I think you'll be happy with it. I bought an early version. I had a minor problem with it. I contacted the maker Ken Picou. He quickly fixed it ... And totally upgraded mine to the current model. No charge! The Best!
Dear Grahame,

I read you may be looking for a "drill press planer". I got mine with "Babtist" in Arnhem (Arnheim) in Holland for about euro 40. They have a web-store too, but the translation of their site...Should you order one with them: it comes without spare cutters and sharpener, but it works!
Here's a link (look for item no 24313):

Good luck to you!
Hi Bart
Thanks for the tip, I'll check that one out. I'm an englishman living in Germany so I can speak fluent German, and I understand enough Dutch to get by. I actually like Dutch more than German, I used to love hearing the people speaking when we were on tour in Holland years ago. Danke!




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