I got one of these tools for doing home reno's. The chisel type blade that is recommended for removing window putty, works really well for removing glue. It takes a bit of technique, too much pressure and angle and it will dig into the wood. However a bit of patience and a light touch and the glue will heat up and peel off leaving the wood bare. I use it for bridge reglues all the time but it works for other things as well.

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Thanks John. I have one of those tools. I never could figure out anything to do with it. I will try this.

Are you referring to a Multitool? They are immensely handy. I bought one at HF and use Bosch blades. It's a riff on the oscillating medical saw. Great for cutting off necks on cheap guitars to make a bolt-on. Perfect for cutting a precise hole in drywall for an outlet, etc.

Chicago Electric Power Tools Professional Series 67537 Variable Speed Oscillating Multifunction Power Tool

Right it's much like the Stryker saw they use in the movies for autopsies. It's also used to remove a cast, cuts something hard but not something soft, like skin. 

It's the blade on the left that I use for removing glue, the one with a bevel and no teeth. I used it to strip finish one time as an experiment, it worked but was tricky on a spruce top.

You can call it either but you'll get more results on Google using oscillating tool, a multi tool often refers to a leather man or a swiss army knife.


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