I read a discussion thread on here from March/April 2010 regarding the dressing of frets on an Ovation Matrix couldn't be done because the "instrument" has a cast aluminum fretboard bonded to a resin material neck...I have one myself, built May 11, 1979. It has a fair bit of sentimental value to me but the frets are ruined. The gent in that thread Mike Kolb I believe replaced the neck with one from an Ovation Ultra which I believe is a rosewood on Mahogany assembly.

Anyone out there with a good neck they want rid of, or with a damaged body and good neck from a Matrix? I'd even change to the mahogany/rosewood if I could find it at a reasonable price, presuming it fit and didn't need a complete rebuild. It was the only guitar I owned for many years, ironically (or not...) the neck never moved. The top would rise and sink depending on moisture conditions causing variations in the action, but the guitar sounded really good. Others that played it over the years liked the sound, but usually hated everything else about it...i.e. plastic bowl/back, round back shape, aluminum neck (even though, I'd never tell anyone until they played it and raved about the sound and playability.)

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Hi Richard, try your post over at this Ovation specific forum. Good luck. Kevin Davis


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