I had some pictures up earlier of a Lyon and Healy/Windsor I was working on. I replaced the bridge plate, closed 5 top cracks, glued the broken/doweled neck heel,new fingerboard and frets and had to make a new bridge. I used Thomastik Plectrum strings  #111. Very little pull but a great sound.I called the lady who owns it to have her pick it up. She said that she was excited because the guitar hasn't been played since she was 16. She is now 60.

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Nice job David hows it sound, i have one in the shop very similer, but it has henry mason stamped on the neckblock, its in bad shape lots of cracks,needs new bridge ,neck reset,but the customer dont want to spend the money.he wants me to put a new nut on it and nylon strings and give it back. what a shame,it would be a great little guitar if he would pay me to fix it right. Some people just dont understand what they have,even after their told.
This little guitar sounded great. The spruce bridge plate was all to pieces so I replaced it with maple. Flatsawn and not to thick. I think the thomastik strings make a big difference on these small guitars. It doesn't hurt that its back and sides are Brazilian either.
As my little sister used to say when she wanted anything. "I NEED one of these". It looks great.
I agree. If I can't find one, I'll have to build one. This is truly a great little guitar.
She looks real good David.And i bet it sounds like a dream. Say David how did them old tops you were telling me about turn out that you got off e-bay ???????/ Bill."""""""""
Was this the tops John Arnold was selling?
Yes I think so He was selling them for a friend that had past away, And you said that you had some of them coming to you . I was saying that I would like to find some 100 year old spruce at the time.Bill.""""""""""
I got confused because I bought mine at his home. But yes I did get some. The old top I got was 500 yr old. I have it joined and rossette in but its setting in a drawer right now. That guitar got sidetracked by another one right now. I will let you know when I get that one up and running again. It should be a great top.
I have a very similar Lyon & Healy Washburn from 1906. I thought about replacing the fingerboard as well but decided not to. I refretted it and made a new replica bridge. I made it my Nashville tuned guitar and it sounds beautiful. A friend of mine said it sounds like angels singing. Great work.
Thanks everybody.


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