I'm wanting to build a new side-bending jig, but I've run into a snag. LMII no longer seems to stock parts like press screws and springs, and I have little idea as to what sizes to look for.

There are plenty of companies who stock extension springs but I'm bewildered by the extensive range they offer and don't know where to begin.

The dimensions that seem to be important are, wire diameter, spring diameter, unstretched length and maximum extension - if some kind and knowledgeable person could give me some idea as to what to look for, it would be greatly appreciated.

Press screws are available from Rockler and look good value, but of course I then have to pay international postage to the UK + customs which makes the deal less attractive. There doesn't seem to be anything similar available in the UK - perhaps someone knows of a supplier in Europe? So far extensive searches have turned up nothing this side of the water.



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Glad to have been of help.



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