Hi all

im going to polish my 96 poly prs with mirror glaze.  I have #7 and #9.  I have some pick scratches and a slight bit of haze along with some light scratches on the back.  I read In Dan’s book about the usage of both of these products along with some info on meguiars forums.  It seems that the swirl remover is first then the #7 is used in n the auto world but Dans book seems to say to use them in reverse  order.  

I’m also going to polish by hand as the carved top  has so many curves to it.  Would you use microfiber from Costco or old cotton tshirts?

Any info on both items would be appreciated.  I see several differing opinions but I’d like to know what the best practice is if any. 

thanks in advance 


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Get some ScratchX. Someone else will have to give an opinion on order, but use it on the scratches first. I used it to polish out a new bone nut for a customer and it just gleamed.

9 is finer than 7, but I suspect 7 by itself will do a fine job. Cotton t-shirt is fine.

Thank you both... Amazing stuff , that Meguiars!


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