Hi folks,

Very soon my wife and I will be buying our first home and this house will provide me with the proper space to take my repair work further.  I'm still learning the trade, but I'm getting better - not faster, but better - and thanks in great part to the help you all have shared with me here in the past. 

I'm rather nervous about hanging my shingle without insurance, especially as a sole proprietor and wanted to know who has insurance, what type, where you got it and what your bills are like.  For instance, we will be switching from renters insurance through State Farm to home owners insurance shortly. Should I inquire with my agent or would they even offer something suitable for this trade? In short, do you have to go to a specialized insurance company for this?

I've looked around several places trying to find a shop that would hire me as an employe so I can get more training and get my feet wet rather than their current state of dampness, but to no avail.  So I may have to take the plunge and hang my shingle. 

I just don't want to have an accident that sinks the ship before leaving the harbor, so I thought I would ask here about your insurance experience.


Many thanks!


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One name you will hear all around the music community is Ellis Hershman at Heritage.

Here's a link to his page on exactly what you are looking for - home based business, etc.:

His greatest recommendation comes from clients like me who have had claims paid with no hassle whatever. His rates are great because he actually KNOWS the music business and can realistically assess liabilities rather than lumping us with diamond brokers. . .

Seconded. Heritage is a unique insurance company.

I am another vote for Heritage. Call Ellis, he will walk you through what you need, AND will understand what your business is all about. I have eight years experience with them including a shop 'break in' claim that they handled perfectly. They also provided coverage for my band travels.

Very good!  My time just got crunched hard, so I'll have to look at this in a little while, but THANKS! I had never heard of this company.  It pays to ask!

Thanks again!



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