Just curious what you are all using to route saddle slots. Fairly recently, I got the saddle jig from StewMac and it's doing the job pretty well, but wonder what else folks are using.

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I'm using the same StewMac saddle slot jig and it's "just OK".   Oh, it gets the job done but it tends to be a bit sloppy.  I think any jig that uses a Dremel has to be forgiven a certain amount of wandering that's inherent to the Dremel itself.

I remember FF made a beautiful heavy jig once, but can't seem to find reference to it... might be worth a search.

In the meantime, it seems the true Cadillac of saddle slot jigs is the Collins saddle mill, made by David Collins at Ann Arbor Guitars, although (according to the website) they're no longer being produced.  

Here's a video and description that shows it in action at their shop. 

Classy unit, and probably cost some big bucks when it was available! 

I also use the StewMac jig, courtesy of Hesh Breakstone at Anne Arbor Guitars. I use a Proxxon Professional rotary tool made in Germany. It has no slop and does a precise job. Search this forum and you'll find a long photo essay on how I adapted a Proxxon router base to the slot jig.


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