I use these cheap expandable earplugs to seal of tuner holes. it stops the lacquer getting in there while spraying.

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I 'hear ya'.....why didn't I think of that....back when I finished the RetroRod Tele....?


My "Gibsonised Tele"



Might I ask where you got the white decal. I didn't think printers printed in white. I'm looking to get some white decals myself. Thanks for any help.


Hey Michael, the color is actually gold. I sourced it from a decal site in 2004...I can,t remember which one,,,I apologise, to Nick-P also! Thanks for the tip....did not mean to interrupt the topic.


What a schmarty - we'll all remember this trick. . .

It is one of those things that make me say "Man, I could of thought of that!"  Brilliant.

Good idea, Nick.

Rod...I'm planning on building a '59 Burst Tele...mahogany body with flamed maple cap (not carved), two PAF humbuckers, binding, TOM bridge, trapezoid inlays, and a lemon drop finish. I'll also blacken the headstock, inlay a pearl logo and apply a gold decal of a model name.  Wish this was my idea, but Tor at TC Electronic had Hansen Guitars make him one first:


In all sincerity and with all due respect : this post probably doesn't belong on this forum as it contributes little to the knowledge base, requires no inputs or answers,  and runs pretty close to being an advertisement.    It's OK in the other show-and-tell forums and guitar 101's and off forum chat,  but I think not here. 

However, I do not intend to state the case further and all replies are noted and respected in advance.



A tangent, to be sure. My enthusiasm made me digress.

Great Idea!


I lacquer inside the bores after champhering / arissing  the edges of the bores - this helps maintain lacquer integrity around the corner and helps prevents the oft seen separation of the lacquer at the transition from lacquer to bare wood edge.   I will however use this in a modified way to prevent the different colours from front to back blowing through the bores.



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