So I have an old Harmony guitar body that I would like to try to do something with...its an OM sized box but I would like to try to disassemble it an and make a 00 size guitar out of it. Yes I realize that this is probably an inefficient way to go about it but I'm just interested in giving it a try and coming out with a new guitar that has vintage wood throughout. So my question is this....can I disassemble this guitar and reshape/trim the sides to make a smaller body? I assume that to do this I would have to strip of the existing finish and apply some heat....and or Moisture to loosen up the wood before reshaping?

What do you think...possible....or not?



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Hey, Blue
I just recently re-bent some brazilian rosewood that I inherited from a 'passed-on' acquaintance. It was bent to a dreadnought shape, and I'm building my first, a short-scale concert size cutaway. It was un varnished, of course, so I s'pose you'll need to strip any finish off your sides. I had almost no experience bending wood over a hot pipe, but was able to re-bend into a venetian cutaway and the waist was in a different location also. I only spritzed the wood liberally as I bent soaking, and proceeded slowly, patiently and carefully. Good luck, you can do it!
Thanks for the encouragement Mark!!

I remember reading in a GAL publication about a method for un-bending sides using a plastic trash can with a lid on and a steam feed into it. Also, this may be obvious, but make sure those Harmony sides are not plywood.
Thanks for the info Tommy....this is one of the Harmony 162s form 60's so it is all solid...actually really nice looking mahogany and spruce. I actually work at a Maritime museum that has a boat shop with a large steam box...I just wasn't sure if that was a recommended method for Tone wood.

thanks for that input!



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