For all you repair guys out there, do you come across people who are interested in doing a fretless conversion often? By that I mean are there many people who want to have there fretted instrument become NOT fretted?

It's something that seems like it would be relatively simple and maybe folks would be interested in, but then again maybe not.

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yes I inlayed Indian rose wood strips in a fender maple P bass once or twice I had to widen the slot to accommodate a .050 thick strip of EIR.
Nice, have you ever encountered someone who had a guitar that was not a bass find interest in something like that?
I see those about once or twice a year fret less guitars and baritones
Not that many... today, most people prefer to buy an off the shel fretless, and it's something I encourage.
Right on, what is your reasoning on that? If you don't mind my asking
Maybe I'm going to show my ignorance but how do you hold a barr cord on a fretless guitar? Even with frets, I struggle with strings that fall under my joints so I don't get them down completely. I think I would deaden a couple of the strings on a fretless neck.

Good point, I guess I was thinking of not necessarily rhythm playing when I asked the question. I recently graduated from Roberto-Venn and therefore I'm new to repair world in regard to trying to make a living off of it. I'm making business cards and was trying to decide whether or not to add that to a list of services offered. I figured it couldn't hurt and there was some space on the card so I added it.
Seems like there is a greater demand for fretless banjo conversions. Occasionally I run across a request for a fretless bass conversion, I have never had anybody request a fretless guitar. In any case, the procedure would be the same: fill the fret slots with some material according to your artistic/craftsman guidelines. You can use similar or contrasting wood, bone, pearl, corian, brass, gold, or whatever. The other option is replacing a fingerboard which is way too much work and expense as opposed to filling fret slots.
Nah a normal bar cord
Hi Colin , welcome to the club, I have done a fretless conversion on an acoustic guitar, the guy was playing lap-slide and I removed the frets and inlaid the r/wood with strips of maple glued in , then trimmed and sanded after it was dry.Also a higher saddle and nut.Len
WOW COLIN NICE SPALTED ACOUSTIC i AM A STUDENT OF ROBERTO VENN ALSO Just going to say good luck I wish all the Best its not easy making a living outa Luthiery I have been very fortunate and am building some mahogany acoustics 000 right now but $2500 latter and 1000s of repairs I am seeing my dream of becoming a luthier full time its hard buy wood lots of wood if you can get it free take it where are you centered at ?
Thanks Paul, it's actually myrtle backs and sides, which I think is a new addition to the selection at RV. Congrats on finally making your way into building! I hope to bethere someday myself but for now I am going to focus on repair. I'd love to see some pictures, do you have a website setup?

Thanks for the wood advice, I think that's something I'll take to heart. I'm centered in Ithaca NY, grew up about 10 miles north so I'm set up to serve Ithaca and surrounding areas, I figure I'll have to do some travelling to spread my name.

Take it easy man


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