Reverse printing / heat transfer label question - lost link


I've lost the link on how to do this, does anyone know what the link is?  It involves reverse printing a label on special paper(?), then using heat and/or moisture to transfer the ink to wood.




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That seems interesting... I'd be a buyer for a link too.
Dear Mac,

were you looking for something like this?
(If the link doesn't work: just copy/ paste it to your browser)

is this what you are looking for?
The firm is based in the UK but the product is US. You print your reverse image with an inkjet printer preferably using non-fading inks and it should transfer to most subtrates including wood.

Dave Y
Thanks guys,

If I recall there were some detailed instructions in the link that this pic came from, I was looking for this link specifically. I think the local craft store carries this type of paper, I guess I'll give it a go on some wood scraps....


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