1976 12 string..Pics below….Tighten the nuts , and the rods pull out…The aluminum block tilts , and after a bunch of turns , the nuts grind away at the block…It came to me with the end of the fingerboard separated…I cleaned and glued it back , only to discover WHY it had happened…I know I can remove them …Wondering what good that might do...

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looks to me like someone over the years turned the aluminum distribution block over 180 and cranked on the truss rods with tension on the strings pulling the truss housings loose in the length of the neck so they no longer function . can they be pulled and reglued? or pinned, then add a dot pearl to cover repair. also I always add ant-sieze whenever I intend to make truss rod adjustments. looks like a fun repair ,let us see what you come up with

Here's a link to someone doing this exact repair. The fingerboard is loose because the truss rods are bending and pushing up on the end. You may not need to remove the truss rods (as you know, they just slide out without much surgery) but you need to see how deformed they are at the threaded end. EuCo Fretts (long gone) made new blocks out of brass to address this problem.

It looks like newer rods have anchors of sorts at the body end.

That's pretty much EXACTLY it !...


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