I am looking for a good selection of shellac stick for the shop I am working in two days a week. I saw on Frank Fords homesite that he have a nice selection with many transparent colours and not just the solid colours that I managed to find on line (ebay germany for example). Here in Switzerland it seems almost impossible to find any at all here so I have to order them from far away anyway. 

Any advice or tips is welcome!



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The best source I know is MOHAWK:


Try their "easy-flow sticks"  they are super:


Not too many transparent ones, but really good stuff, and easy to use.  I often mix transparent with a touch of opaque on the hot knife to get special colors/effects.


You could ask if they have European distribution. . .

Thanks very much for you answears. I will contact the two company and ask about Europe shipping or if they have distrubutors here.



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