I am trying to fix the wiring in an old Silvertone solid body with two "lipstick" pickups. The pickups work but evidently someone attempted to rewire it and seems to have completely messed up the guitar. From what research I have done the instrument should have concentric volume/tone  pots but the guitar came to me with regular pots installed. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a Silvertone/Danelectro with two pickups and a single volume and single tone pots? If not, does anyone have a wiring diagram if I decided to remove the existing pots and replace them with concentric volume/tone pots?  Any help would be most appreciated!


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Hi Sylvan,

If you take a look at my thread "Danelectro Volume Pot" that I posted earlier this month you will see that I have installed two better quality pots in exactly the configuration you are looking for (two lipstick pickups/one volume/one tone pot) on my recently acquired  Dano '59 re-issue 12 string; there is also a lot of helpful and useful information posted there too.

I scoured the internet for a copy of the wiring diagram for this (to no avail) but If it helps, I could take a photo of the wiring inside the guitar and send you details of the connections to go with it.


Brian -

That thread is very informative. I suppose I should have searched the archives before posting. Lesson learned! In any event, I would really appreciate you posting a photo of the wiring in your Danelectro with the details of the connection that of with it. Thanks again for all of your help!!!!!


I'm afraid this is the best I can offer; I'm not a guitar technician but I hope it helps you.

( forgot to mention, Earth from Vol. Pot to cold (-) output jack)


Thanks so much! Exactly what I needed!! I owe you one....

Sorry Sylvan, also forgot to mention that (as in the earlier thread) contrary to popular practice Danelectro seem to prefer a Linear Pot for volume and an Audio Pot for tone, both 500k.

Thanks Brian. I to that from reviewing your previous post!! Thanks again!

Sylvan, here is a shot of a Dano harness I have. I believe this from a reissue model. Let me know if you need more?  Tom

p.s. I believe, the large white and gray are the pickups. Twisted blue white are switch. Black is ground.

Hi Sylvan,

I did this last night that I thought might be helpful, just as much for my own records too, in case I need to refer to the cabling in future.

I hope it helps.....good luck, let us know how it goes.

PS. please excuse the drawing, I realise I am no Van Gough or Rembrandt....;-)

Sorry, here's the attachment.


Brian -

Thanks again. Even if you are not an artist your drawing could not be more clear. You have made my job so-o-o-o much easier!



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