Anybody ever heard of or used Sintom fretwire? It's made in Belarus, Europe (next to Poland). Philadelphia Lutherie started selling it on their website and I was curious of the quality. It comes in multiple crown shapes, tang sizes, and hardness ranging from brass to titanium.

Philadelphia Lutherie site:

Sintoms site:

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I've used the small triangular wire on an old mandolin (requested by customer). Seemed to be very good, and no complaints. Looking at that website, I can't help but envy the prices you lot pay for stuff in comparison to the UK! That Sintom's wire is about 3 times more expensive here.

Good to know. I thought it might be good quality since Jescar was the only wire Philadelphia Luthier carried, until recently. I have an old Gibson 'A' style mandolin (1960s?) with a broken headstock that needs a new neck and I'll try the triangular wire on it. That is, when I actually get around to it.

I have read that many luthier supplies are more expensive in the UK. Although I did think the Sintoms wire might be cheaper, or at least the same price as in the US, since it's made in Europe.

Thanks for the helpful response.

I use it all the time. Very good quality and price.

They also have some with wider tangs for those worn out fret slots.

i've always heard of the belarus stuff as being the "other" stainless wire beside jescar: not quite as good as jescar but generally fine, i think that's what the allparts stainless has been for a while now.

(so weird that the one thing we in the west apparently get from this otherwise obscure post-soviet bloc country with currently questionable government  is fretwire of all things)

Doesn't seem that weird to me. Go down to the mall and ask people what fretwire is and you'll probably get alot of blank stares.

Hello Walter,

So, what is with the Evil-Empire, election rigging, Red-peril that draws (sorry, bad pun) them to making fretwire...and, also their rather excellent industrial strength fret end undercut pliers (Allparts and others) which are just fine comrades,  I can assure you!  But,  don't use them on skinny nickel-silver of skinny stainless stuff - it mangles them in a heartbeat.   I kept my old lightweight pair from Stewmac and they do just fine on the skinny stuff  (both kinds of wire).     And, why do they have the market cornered on Tubes?    God help us if Putin gets wind of the West's love of Thermionic Emissions.   sort of just kiddin' comrades.



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