My Orville Les Paul Junior has some lacquer stress cracks at the neck joint.

What's the best approach to this repair?



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I would guess these are finish cracks and really not a  structural problem. Wicking superglue into the cracks is all I can think of from what I see.


Thanks. Happy New Year!

Happy New year back to you.


Hi Jim,

They are shock fractures in the lacquer (sawtooth appearance) caused by neck joint movement relative to the body or vice versa. The crack in the but joint area also confirms its the result of stress within the neck joint.  So its more likely to be a structural problem than a simple lacquer check.   

Mask it off and wick superglue in to the butt  area crack between the body front and neck with the guitar stood up in the vertical.  Observe the face crack area for signs that the wicking has carried through to the front surface crack.  Go real easy (use a pipette)  if the finish is nitro as it will react.



Thanks. I'll give a go with the CA. 

I'd be more concerned about the flaking finish on the edges of the fretboard.  That's bad!

Dry fret board or past referet?

Flaking finish on the fretboard edge is normal, not a problem. Happens to all guitars with time and playing.


Thanks ;) 


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