Going to order a heat stick. I do both deep and shallow body neck resets on occasion. Can I just order the long version and use it on both sizes? Any disadvantages?



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If you're doing both, why not just get one of each?  If a one or two time use, maybe not so much.  

You could leave a few inches sticking out, but it gets really hot!  I've used one on 2 or 3 neck removals, and am .. ahem .. warming up to this technique.  I bought mine specifically for neck removals on guitars with mortise and tenon joints (Weymann, Holzapfel et al).  

The only down side in my experience is the large hole to fill on the f-board, but that's much better than scalding finish with steam!


I have one of each length.

The only downside to only using the long version on a shallow solid body/archtop reset would be the heat loss along the length of the stick and potential heat exposure to the fretboard. If you're only planning to do a very few shallow mortise resets, I'd wrap the exposed portion of the heat stick with a little aluminum foil to minimize heat loss outside of the neck joint.

looks like most people are thinking like you're thinking, stewmac is closing out the short versions entirely

i think these are solid copper, right? no special stuff inside? if so i'd think one could just order a long stick and cut it shorter if there was a real need.


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