Hey all.

-Have you tried the stewmac heatstick for removing necks?

-If so, how was it? Did it work and heat/loosen the neck in a reasonable time? Any wood burn? Etc

-Where the larger holes you have to drill a problem at all?


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I just got the Stew Mac heat stick with their soldering iron and used it to pull the neck off of a 1930's Kay "Lyre" guitar.  Since it was my first time, I tried to follow the video directions as best I could, but just missed the pocket by a mm or so and ended up in the neck block.  It took nearly an hour and quite a bit of warming the heel with a hair dryer, but it eventually came loose with just a tiny amount of tear out. I'll certainly try it again and hope to eventually master the process, but I'm not throwing away my old espresso maker just yet!


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