Hello all,
I have a Tacoma bass guitar in my shop. I took it on as a project because of how it was presented to me. When I brought it home and opened the case it is more than the project that was presented. The owner told me that it was put under the bed without humidification for about 6 months. It was in playable condition when it was put under the bed. Now, it's not playable. And I am thinking not...
Anyway, I don't think the owner's story is accurate as to why it's in this condition. Or is it possible it's accurate?
My thoughts are that the top was weak and the string tension finally got to it? The bracing failed? Both? Poor wood? Sat in a car and got hotter than it should (welcome to Arizona!).
I'm looking for thoughts about how to approach this, or not.
As always thanks for your time in replying to this discussion.

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The top for the Tacoma bass is flat across the lower bout. It is a solid spruce top and lightly braced (at least for an acoustic bass).

Although I have not had to flatten a Tacoma bass, when I do repairs on tops that have bellied I usually use about 12 lbs of weight resting on a flat wood sheet that spans both sides of the guitar so that the middle can only go down to the level of the sides, which are supporting the weight as the top slowly lowers. Wet and heat as others have described. Primitive process that usually works fairly well. From there, attend to whatever bridge repairs there might be.

Hope that helps.

Hi John,
Thanks for the information I asked for. Hhhmm, guess I will have to look at that sound hole again. Now that I know the top is flat then hopefully this one will cooperate.


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