Do any of you guys,or gals, know what type of finish is on this high end Takamine. I assume it is a poly but I would like to be wrong for touch up sake. I got one in a real bad mess and I wish I could put a nice touch up on it, multiple touch ups, Oh for the days of good old lacquer finishes. SIGH!!!!

Vic Farrell

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Thanks Chad,
I know the process and tried that trick. Yes it is poly. Sigh!! I already told the costumer that finish touch up is impossible on poly so he knows. But I always hope. After all this guitar retails for $2500.00 so I thought maybe!! But alas nope. What is good for the assembly line is bad for the repairman. I love old and vintage!!
Vic, if this finish is, as you say , "a real bad mess" you can make it look much better, whether it is a catalyzed finish or not. What is the problem with the finish? Can you post some pictures?
SO ya wanna see pics AH!! (I'm Canadian) Well Get your box of Kleenex and have a good cry. Here they are!!!!
If you have some magic trick to work with poly you could become a millionaire. To that where were you 20 years ago??
With CA glue and nitro you can achieve good touch-ups. Not invisible but correct.
CA AND NITRO??? You use both? Please explain. I use CA for this and it is as you say but where dose the nitro come in?

Thanks Pierre-Antoine.



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