I am fixing  some damage to a Taylor 214 for a friend of mine who came off a flight and found his guitar neck was cracked at the heel. Its a Taylor 214 and I remember Frank or someone posting a while ago about the neck system taylor use, so I am wondering if anyone has had this problem. Its a clean crack and it had me wondering if indeed it was a crack at all but perhaps the joint had loosened because there's a bolt screwed into the fall away section of the fingerboard that can be accessed through the soundhole and that was a little loose. When I did tighten it up a bit it did indeed pull the crack tighter but not enough so it has had some knock or damage.  My intention is to get some hide glue in there and clamp it. Because of the nature of the Taylor neck its going to be very difficult for anyone coming along in a few years to a neck re set if I glue it up tightly but what option do I have.? Anyone know if taylor actually use glue when fitting this type of neck. 

Any info appreciated 


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Thanks Guys !!


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