I was taking a fingerboard off of an old Kay mandolin this weekend.  It had obviously been removed before and was reglued quite poorly.  It almost looked as if they didn't use clamps at all and just laid the fingerboard on top of a big puddle of glue. Not sure what type of glue was used (it was hot pink!).

Long story short, it broke free MUCH faster than I expected and I ended up stabbing my left hand index finger with the rounded corner of a very sharp, thinned, and beveled putty knife.  Very messy, but thankfully no instruments were in line of the "spray".  Not my finest moment.  I know better.

I think that's about the worst I've done to myself so far in the course of repairs.  The closest call I had before that was when I was using CA to glue some cork pad onto a caul and a drop shot right to my eye when I put a clamp on it. Thank god I got my eye shut before it got there, but opening it again was a slow painful experience.  I don't pick up a bottle of CA without glasses now.

I've seen what a lot of you can do with guitars.  Just curious what's the worst you've done to yourselves while doing it.  I know I'm not the only one!  :P

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Rusty, I'd add to that ANYTHING that i've ground an edge on and honed.  I've not done this one myself, but several times I have seen a plane blade remove more than a little skin.  And while a plane shouldn't be able to cut very deeply, a cut like that does make you appreciate what a good job skin does of keeping your blood where its supposed to be. :P

I usually get myself on things that 'arent sharp' rather than edge tools, i.e. the edge of freshly planed fingerboards, dropping a drill press chuck into my hand trying to release the taper while pulling it down, etc. Im always amazed how I fail to see some things coming (though Im pretty good at remembering them next time).

I have true respect for chisels, especially that 1/4 inch one I still hate to even look at even though its been 30 years since it sent me to the emergency room. 

I'm pretty good with chisels except for one. It's and old junker that get's used for everything but what it should be use for.  It a bit too hard to hold a good edge for more than a pass or two so I stopped even trying to use it as it was intended.  The catch is that it then stays just sharp enough to do damage to whatever body part happens to be in the way and since I tend to use it as a wedge, pry bar, scraper  or just about anything my Dad taught me I was NOT supposed to use chisel for, I keep poking myself with it. I always feel stupid afterward but I keep on doing it.


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