The upper bout seems very large in the cut-out area.  I will appreciate your opinions on it's appearance.

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I know the feeling , Jack. One of the reasons I doubt I could do this for a living is that I often put projects away for a while so I have fresh eyes when I pick them up again. I spend a LOT of time just looking, touching and thinking before I actually working on an instrument.  

For sure.  I spend way more time planning and working on fixtures than I do actually working on the guitar.

It appears that the left and right areas of the3 waist are different.  to make it look more balanced (if that is what you are after) the waist has to be the same on both sides - symmetrical.  In fact, to be balanced you should be able to flip the body over and have it still fit the symmetrical mold.  It all depends on what your goals are.

Ed Minch

Thanks for your comment Ed.  I think it may just be the distortion of the picture.  I checked it and it is symmetrical around the center line at the waist.


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