I just bought an old cheap guitar (Blueridge) that had suffered from heat exposure. The top is cracked along the fingerboard extension similar to this

Thanks to Mr. Ford, I know how to repair this :)


The guitar has another problem. The top center seam is separated due low humidity (I think) and is in this situation for a long time. The separation is dirty.

How can I clean this before I will glue/patch etc?


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What has worked for me is warm soapy water, and a toothbrush. Once clean, rinse with clear water, again scrubbing with a toothbrush. Finally I'll scrub again using Naphtha and a toothbrush.

For gluing I prefer hot hide glue.



Based upon the 3rd pic you posted, the split seam is the least of your worries. Others, who are more qualified than me, will explain what's likely going on with it....and how to do the repair.

Good luck with your project.

Thank you both for your answers.

Paul, I am confident that I can repair the neckblock problem.

Jim, there will be problems with pouring water on the bare wood (inside the crack)? After doing this, how much time should I let the top until I will glue it?

You don't pour the water on the bare wood. You dip the toothbrush in water, or apply a small amount of water with a sponge, not enough where it's going to drip inside. Water will swell the crack shut, which you want anyway. 

You may want to let it dry for an hour then work some hot hide glue in. If it swells it to the point where it seems buckled at the crack, let it dry until the crack is dried and flat, then apply glue.

I just use common sense and basically play it by ear on when it's ready to glue.




Sorry about that. If I had read your post more carefully, I would have seen that you already addressed the issue I mentioned.

Ever have those days when you just have to stop what you're doing, take a deep breath & simply slow it on down? You've witnessed a prime example with my redundant and embarrassing reply.

Best of luck,



Not a problem. I have my share of days when I have problems comprehending myself.

A lot of these repairs can be figured out by thinking it through, and you have to realize many times there is more than one way to accomplish a repair.



Here's another Frank Ford trick for getting dirt from cracks:

You can find DI water in some large grocery stores in the water section. Read the labels carefully.

The Publix stores have it on the shelf in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Keep the container sealed unless you are pouring from it.

Regards to all - 


You don't need deionized water to clean the crack, regular warm tap water, with a touch of detergent will work fine. I've been doing repairs for a number of years and plain old tap water has worked fine for me.


People seem to want to make instruments repair more complicated than what it is, and you have to have certain tools and solutions to do the job, it's just not true.



Put a towel inside the gu

itar also to catch spilt H2O... 


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