Hi all- every once in a while I see a flat top come in the shop with transducer problems and although I can hold my own on conventional "pickup/pot/switch" problems, troubleshooting transducers has been hit or miss for me. Can anyone point me to a good article, book, or website that might help me out when I am trying to sort out a problem? And on the same subject- Some acoustics come equipped with "named" systems-"Fishman", "LR Baggs"(replacement parts and/or transducers can be id'd), but many (with on board preamps) are "no name", How do you determine what brand/ type transducer to use if replacement is needed?

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Sometimes you can mix and match.  I've used Fishman transducers in "no name" systems with good results.

I agree with Christian , the width and length are critical but the brand tends to indicate quality , so fishman , LRBaggs , Martin etc are good , artec are cheap but ok .There is another type which look like a braided copper wire , fishman call them sonicore . they require some DC from pre-amp so cant be used alone.Len


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