Hello, this is my first post here, trying to identify this white acoustic guitar on the photos or, at least, get some info.

The guitar belonged to a band, and the member whom we contacted on the Facebook does not even remember the model. There's also no info in his techriders or gear lists. So we do not know the origin of the guitar but probably it's possible to find that model on eBay or anywhere else. There's no serial number, and we do not have any other photos.
Inside a guitar under the resonator there is a sticker with the inscription "FRANK". The google search did not help too much, there are various similar guitars but we have not found the same one with the same headstock shape (probably its neck is not original), and it's not possible to identify the guitar with the help of the acoustic guitar manufacturer list.

Can this guitar be a handwork or something like that?

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Looks like an inexpensive Asian guitar? One of a zillion. Order a couple dozen, and they will put your label on it.

Welcome to the forum Roman.

Unfortunately, this is just a cheap stage prop, the kind of guitar-shaped object you might find for $99 at Walmart. As Thomas said, the brand name is pretty much meaningless, as it came from a factory in China, Korea, or Indonesia, cranked out with any brand label the distributor wanted to sell them as at the time. 

It really does appear to be a cheap plywood toy guitar though, just used for a concert stage prop to match their outfits (I highly doubt it was ever plugged in on stage, just used to fake along with recorded tracks).

Not much to be worth searching for. 

What is the context of this photo? (Who? What? When?) That would give us a better foundation to search. The headstock is a familiar design. The top curve resembles a Yamaha FG and a Washburn D type. The pickguard is different. I agree with it being an Asian (Chinese vs Korea) disposable guitar. It could also be a nice guitar hiding under the paint with a butchered headstock.  

Headstock looks like Washburn.

But not exactly. 


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