This is kind of a general question, but I'm curious how accomplished luthiers approach this issue:

If you have a guitar assembled and virtually ready to finish and you're not quite thrilled with say the brightness or volume you're getting from it, what is the best approach to improving these characteristics?

If it's shaving the braces, what's the best way to do this? I have pretty big hands and find it difficult to work inside a guitar.

What about thinning the edges of the lower bout?


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Hi, Jerry. Could you first give us some details about the top and the plantilla? The answer will depend somewhat on those details, I believe. Information such as top thickness and material, bracing arrangement and sizes, soundhole diameter, as well as the basic dimensions of the box would be a good start. If there's anything unusual about the bridge, that should be known also.

Further, could you be more specific about the tonal shortcomings as you hear them? It sounds as if the trebles might be the issue, but a fuller description would be helpful. For instance, is there alot of attack sound? Do the trebles sound dark or just muted or unfocussed? What about the bass and midtones? Do they have good tone and presence?

Sorry for all the questions to your questions but the answers will help to decide what can be done to modify the sound.



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