So, it seems to me that we might have a thread sharing amusing (or not) war stories (horror stories??) we have encountered. Here's mine:

It has been very cold in Minneapolis for the last month or so. In the last 2 weeks it has often been near or below zero. Yesterday a guy comes in with a Martin case and asks us to look at it. As we always do, Conrad felt the case which was very cold (it was about 5 at the time) and so he asked if the guitar had been in the trunk of his car. Answer - "YES". So, Conrad said, "How Long?" Answer - "A couple of weeks." Enough said.

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Gee,I think the guy has come up w/a brilliant innovative shape for a bridge! A whale.BRB g00na go make one now...
yes i have been in battle also look closely at the truss rod ejecting through the finger board pushing through the first fret like a mountain rising in the ocean oops says the other guy here is what i did pulled off the binding to expose the finger board flipped it upside down on a heating blanket heating off the finger board with a floor scraper razor blade 6 inches wide and dull perfect tool for the job pop whizzbang it was off for a Re installation of the truss rod and finger board it went back together pretty good 1965 mosright i was shackin in my boots came out perfect never could tell what happened wow 10,000 $$$$$guitar


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