Washburn Status Bass series 1000 fretboard trouble.

Hello all,

I am seeking input here concerning a Washburn Starus bass I have in my shop. The fretboard is some kind of graphite compisit stuff and it has not stood the test of time. The bow is outrageous. I have put in an extra thick 1/8th washer on it, behind the trussrod nut, and that should be enough but it is not. Have any of you come across this before and come up with a solution to stiffen the board so it can be restored to resist folding up? I believe replacing the fretboard with a good rosewood or ebony one will fix it but I am looking for a solution that will cost my customer less and be less intrusive.

Any experience advise will help.


Victor F.

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Vic I would just replace it and save yourself a lot of problems later. Just my two cents worth Bill.............

Hi Vic.

These necks seem to be some sort of spin-off technology licensed from a UK company that specializes in carbon composite instrument technologies.  Removing the FB may be quite the task as I'm pretty sure they use a proprietary adhesive to attach the FB to the neck.

Washburn is still a fairly "accessible" company and you may want to call to their tech center in Buffalo Grove, IL (800-877-6863) and see what experiences they've had with them and if there are any "trade secrets" they use when encountering similar issues.

I've been having tremendous success in straightening conventional bowed/back-bowed necks by removing the truss rod nut, clamping the neck with a steel rod supported by wood blocks and over a period of several days, increasing the clamping pressure until the neck is 'jus' beyond where I want it.  I gently release the pressure, reinstall the truss rod nut and adjust as I normally would. It usually cures the problem.  Emphasis on usually.

Best of luck,

Paul (-:

Thank you Paul. I will contact them, Washburn that is, I know that trick as well and There is one I have used where you loosen off the strings. Clamp the neck with a stiff thick piece of hard wood mounted on blocks and over bow the neck a lot then put on a thick washer ahead of the truss rod nut and put the nut back on and tighten. That has worked 90% of the time.

Vic F.

That's about the same % of success I'm having Vic.

Keep us apprised of your progress & outcome?

Have a great week Vic (-:


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