Hi everyone , just wondered what you all favour to lube nuts on electrics and acoustic guitars ?

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I agree with Paul, a properly made nut needs no lubing.  Cut the slot the proper size with a round file. Angle the slot so the string makes contact across the entire thickness of the nut and does not exit the nut at a sharp angle towards the tuners.

Well made slots make for happy nuts.

That may work for steel-strings but electrics with whammy bars...especially Floyd Roses...need every tweak known to man to stay in tune.

Floyd Roses have locking nuts that prevent the string from moving, these should never be lubricated.

I was thinking more of those awful Speedloaders where the brass bullets at the string ends weld themselves to the nut slots.

Ken Miller, a great builder in Florida, suggests using a little rubbing compound on string, pulling through each slot.  He pointed out that some nut materials, particularly pearl, develop a rough surface at the microscopic level when worked with files.  Works for me!

Also, as someone mentioned, perfect alignment is a must.  My mandolin had a couple of slots with a very gentle S curve through the nut, and...sticking.  Once that was straightened out, no problem.



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