What to use to fill cracks in a newer Martin 00016-GTE?

I've repaired a side crack in a Martin 00016-GTE, structurally. What would you guys use to fill in the crack? I've already sealed it with shellac. Should I use nitro or CA and scrape? Any help would be appreciated. I'm afraid of sanding or scraping through the finish. It's the satin finish.

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Here's the before.

Here's where I'm at with it. It's not finished yet. I'm still touching it up and still have to polish it out.
Nasty gash. Very nice restoration work (:
Thanks for the compliment. I'll post pics when I'm done. I think the customer did soften the edges before handing it over.

That's exactly what I've found. I'm a bit afraid of the stuff to be honest. But if anyone knows of anything "safer" that will do the same trick, I'm all ears. I've looked at the Mohawk stuff from above. But has anyone actually used it??? I did get the idea from Frank's tech-tip post. Hopefully he'll update his post to be current. Great idea, just not available like it use to be.

P.S. Frank, please help!

Jeff, you could use blush eraser to help reflow the lacquer and address the checking. Something like Behlen's Jet spray.


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