Does anyone have a link to honing stones that they use?

What brands do you prefer?

What grits are essential?

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I can relate to the sandpaper approach.  I's so often in a hurry, confronted a with super dull chisel and needing to get some chopping done right away.  So, I grab a scrap of waterproof silicon carbide paper, anywhere from 1000 to 2000 grit, walk over to the bandsaw, lay the paper on the cast iron table and touch up the edge enough to get the job done.

I promise myself it's only a quick temporary solution and that I'll sharpen the chisel properly as soon as I have time.

Someday, maybe I'll have time. . .

Testify!  Confession time. I feel vindicated!

At last I can come out of the closet. I have also taken short cuts with sharpening!

Ask 10 woodworkers how to sharpen and you will get 11 answers.

I use 1/4 sheets of wet-or-dry on a piece of glass after a spritz of water.  Holds tight and easily changed.  I have 2 pieces of glass and put a 1/4 sheet at each end of each, so I can go through the needed grits in a hurry.  I use 220, 320, 400, and 600 after a grind, but will go to 2000 for things like  shaping braces. Most times it is just a couple passes with bevel and back on each the 400 and 600 and ready to get back to work. I used to use a guide, but find it quicker to learn to do it free hand - the angle of the edge is not that important - 25, 27, 30 degrees - all close enough.

I view sharpening as a means to an end, but I certainly understand anyone who wants to make it end in itself


Hold your eggs and rotten tomatoes...Worksharp  WS3000

I use the diasharp stones sold by stewmac. Don't know if they are the best but work pretty good

 Differences between brands and mega ultra superfine grits, are nothing compared to the edge on your chisel if you sharpen it now, when it needs it or put it off.

IMHO the sharpest edge comes from the sharpening system that is fast so you use it when you should.

the vast bulk of sharpening time is lost on removing all the metal behind the honed edge.

I ease the urge for procrastination with a water cooled Makita horizontal grinder w/ coarse Regalite film on a platen

80 micron I think. It's crazy fast and cool. I go as close to the honed edge as I dare. After that anything over 1000g is going to gives an edge way better than the one I was  putting off.

Love that 8000g water stone when it really counts though.


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